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The stockings are hung,
the carols are being sung.
My heart is filled with joy,
along with every girl and boy.
It's really hard to go to sleep,
you want to go and take a peep.
And, when you're finally in bed,
visions of Santa dance in your head.

You wake up at eight,
it's already late!
You wake up your Mom and Dad,
they are never as glad.
Once you're all awake,
you eat some coffee cake.
You run down to the tree,
you cannot believe what you see.

Your stockings are overflowing,
everyone's face is glowing.
You must open family presents first,
you're so excited you just might burst.
Then Santa's are the next to go,
you tear off the wrapping and the bow.
You rip them open one by one,
seeing toy after toy, each filled with fun.

And after about an hour,
your face begins to turn sour.
There's nothing left under the tree,
you have very little glee.
But, then a car pulls in,
with presents wrapped in tin.
Your cousins are here,
bearing more Christmas cheer.

There is then, many holiday greetings,
more and more joyful meetings.
The present opening order shifts,
and you begin to open more gifts.
And when the good-byes have been said,
it's time to shower and make your bed.

Once everyone is out,
there is no reason to pout.
You pile into your car,
you don't have to travel very far.
You're off to another family meeting,
you're welcomed with a warm greeting.
You eat an excellent dinner,
the fire is keeping you from the wind of winter.
You open some more toys,
with your cousins, girl and boys.

Once your thank-yous have been said,
you are definitely ready for bed.
You tell everyone good-night,
and your heart becomes light.
And while in bed,
the day dances in your head.
You thank the Lord for today,
while you slowly drift away.